Why Demi-Chef

Some of the reasons client tell us why they like to use a meal service.

“I don’t buy lots of ingredients, because they just go to waste”

“When it is just me, I could not be bothered to prepare something nice”

“It is my turn to cook, but I can’t cook ”

“I am too busy to cook, but I like good food”

“I like to know my aging father is getting a good meal a few times a week”


Our Food

Our food is all Hand-made, in Sydney, by our team of qualified chefs.

Our menu changes each week.

About Us

Demi-Chef is a Sydney based personal chef service.

We work with our clients to provide FRESH “half prepared” meals, ready for your evening meal.

Our meals are ready to  Heat.  Plate.   Enjoy.

We are NOT a “box of ingredients” with a recipe card. 

Our menu consists of a number of client favourites that are available each week and a weekly specials menu.

We currently offer a Monday delivery service with up to four (4) days of different evening meals.

A 7-day per week service available on request.




More information

Please tell us something about yourself.   Then we will then contact you by phone to discuss how we can assist with your evening meals.

Or you can call Adam on 0425 229 662.